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Kevin Antonelli
Kevin Antonelli
If you have TMJ you have to come here. Amazing people and service. They fixed me after 14 months of trying to figure out what was causing my issues. They also helped with Sleep Apnea issues. The dental device has cured my apnea...I could not use the sleep machine. I feel so good it's amazing.
Irina Mudraya
Irina Mudraya
Today, I have the emergency because of my toothache. Dr.Dina Hammouda is a brilliant professional and friendly person. Her help and attitude are really great 👍.
Brett Elizabeth
Brett Elizabeth
I was going through an incredibly stressful time in my life due to a death and my own health problems and my job pain was unbearable. Dr. Abramson was so helpful and helped to put me on the right track. He is not just a one stop shop where he just hands out drugs. He really asks the right questions and cares about the whole person. He is incredibly smart, caring, and I highly recommend him.
Mark Masterson
Mark Masterson
Dr. Abramson is a wonderful dentist. I highly recommend him to anyone looking to fix their Sleep Apnea problem.
John Martel
John Martel
I have been diagnosed for years with severe sleep apnea. After going through 3 overnight sleep sessions at a sleep center and having utterly failed with three different CPAP masks, I was referred to Dr. Abramson. He and his staff worked with me patiently until my problem was solved with the Oasis dental appliance. I now awake more energized and my wife also sleeps better now that I don't snore. Dr. Abramson was incredibly patient and generous with his time. He worked with me without additional fee until together, we achieved success. His staff is a delight, combining competence with courtesy. I recommend Dr. Abramson and his staff without qualification.

Other Testimonials

"My experience working with Dr. Abramson and their team has been great. In just a few sessions, I feel so much improvement with my TMJ pain. He always answers my questions, asks follow-up questions, gives detailed explanations, and shows genuine concern for my pain and symptoms. The office is a nice, peaceful space as well."
"After years of TMJ pain, I was referred to Dr. Abramson. He has all the patience in the world. I do not recollect any Dr spending so much time to know each and every detail of the condition. I got my TMJ splint within a week and it has been such a relief since. Absolutely perfect."
"I have been seeing Dr. Abramson for about 2 years. He is caring and professional. His treatment is also effective in treating my sleep apnea without the use of CPAP machines. I recommend him without any reservation. He is tremendous."
Gail W.

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